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2 Server COMBO Setup

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Purchase 2 Server COMBO Setup. VaderS allows 5 Connections (MACs and M3Us) simultaneously and 3 different IPs but the rest of the providers only allow 1 connection at a time if you get a MAC Address account. Bit allows 5 connections simultaneously via M3U ONLY and has no IP restrictions.

Except for VaderS and Premium, all other providers only support the use of either MAC Address account type OR M3u Url per account. You cannot use both account types on a single account. Please DO NOT pick the same provider more than once!

Additional information

Renewal Term

1 Month, 3 Months

Main Provider

Beast (3 Connections), Bit (4 Connections), EpicS, Nitro (2 Connections), Premium (2 Connections), Vaders (5 Connections)

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